New Delhi: CBSE today released the admit cards for 10th and 12th board candidates. The release of the admit card by CBSE has begun the real countdown. With exactly one month to go, candidates might be in a state of frenzy. Board exams are often seen as rites of passage for students and justly so as board exams eventually bring students one step closer towards their dream academic career. At such a crucial stage it is important for students to not panic and focus on their preparation in the last month before the exam.

5 Important Tips for CBSE Board Candidates

Eat Healthy

    The first and foremost advice, also advocated by leading nutritionist and psychologist, is that students should focus on eating healthy. Healthy food helps in maintaining healthy mind and body which eventually allows a student to combat stress. Students should include green vegetables, source of proteins, and lots of fruits in their diet to keep their mind alert and body healthy.

Indulge in Recreational Activities

    This may sound a little off the track but it is very important for students to participate in recreational activities every now and then. This will not only help to keep stress at bay but also allow students to focus on their studies with a fresh mind.


    The success mantra behind many board toppers in the past years has been constant revision. By now you would have studied every chapter from your syllabus at least once. Now, you need to revise all the concepts you have learned so far and practice them.

Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers

    Age old formula to score good marks in Board exams is to solve sample papers and previous year question papers. These not only help you assess your preparation but also familiarize you with the type of questions which may be asked in the exam. A first-hand knowledge of the type of questions which may be asked will help you stay clam during the exam and solve questions with concentration

Disconnect from Social Media

    This is one very important tip for the students. Social media has taken over our lives in a gigantic way. Although, it may sound a little too harsh but it is very important for students to disconnect from every social media platform. In the last one month do not engage in social media activities, as it has been noticed that social media platforms are more prone to increasing stress among students than curb it.