About School

The school has modern and safe Infrastructure with labs (Mathematics, Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer), Library, well ventilated smart class rooms, Gym, Music / Dance and Fine Arts class, Rooms, Activity room, Infirmary and Huge Auditorium. Fine fighting systems are installed in school. The school policy is to develop Aesthetics, Art and culture in students. For which different activity areas are well designed and equipped to meet the diverse interests of students. Open spaces are well utilized to develop a culture of Art and Aesthetics. Age appropriate / equipments Apt and age appropriate furniture and equipments are available in more than adequate number. The school has separate toilets for Boys and Girls and Senior and junior students. Attendants are available outside the toilets during school working hours. Clean Drinking water is provided; Hygiene of water tanks is monitored regularly. First Aid boxes are supplied from various points of school.

The school curriculum prepares students for lifelong learning and making them global citizens by equipping them with life skills and positive Attitude. Balance between Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Social Quotient (SQ) is tried to be maintained by year round activities. The school is safe and secured place of learning. The school integrates NCF recommendations into all aspects of school curriculum like course content / teaching strategies, assessment practices Integration of visual and performing Arts, Health Education and Value Education. Regular monitoring and reviewing the efficacy of Implementations ensures that school’s curriculum enhances skills and abilities in all the domains i.e. cognitive, social, emotional skills It helps to develop students as lifelong learners. Scholastic and co-scholastic activities are adequately planned and depicted in school Diary Management ensures that monthly planning of all the activities is done in advance and implemented properly. Monthly planners integrate academic social, physical and emotional development needs of the school.