Provided Scholarship


Classes XI & XII 1. To promote and inculcate healthy competitive spirit, students are given scholarship.

  • All the students securing 85% above in class X shall be eligible for Scholarship award — * On scoring 90% and above marks in Halfyearly exam of class XI, students shall be awarded Rs. 8000/- each.
  • On scoring 85% and above but less than 90% marks in Half yearly students shall be awarded 6000/- each.
  • On scoring 80% and above but less than 85% marks in Half yearly, students shall be awarded Rs. 4000/- each.
  • This scholarship will be continued till class XII on the same criteria, otherwise scholarship will be discontinued.

  • Students qualifying first round NTSE exam shall be awarded Rs. 4000/- each. 3. Students qualifying second round NTSE exam shall be awarded Rs. 8000/- each.
  • Sports Scholarship
  • KPS is the only school to provide Sports Scholarship to the deserving students. Best outstanding National players shall be awarded Rs. 5000/-each.

    1. Special Fee Concession will be given to students scoring 90% and above in class X Board Exam. Students scoring 95% will be given 50% concession in tuition fee where as students scoring 90% & above but lesser than 95% will be given 30% of concession in fee. The fee concession will be adjusted in Tuition Fee.

    Classes VII & X

    Students of classes VI - X also will be eligible for scholarship provided they are the top 1% percentile scorers of the previous class & top 3 rankers of the class. Thus top 3 students of classes VII - X will be given scholarship amount of Rs. 3000 where as class X students will be given Rs. 5000/- scholarship.


    Note :

    Scholarship will not be given to the students who have been given any kind of concession in fee. In case if fee concession amount is less than scholarship amount to be received, then scholarship will be given for the remaining amount.